• Get to know your Coach Naureen

    Naureen, an executive leadership coach, advocates for multicultural inclusive leadership, a philosophy that defined her corporate career and contributed to her success. Now, through coaching, she aims to inspire others with her journey.

    Living and working in eight different countries, Naureen has cultivated a vast global network from her time in the hospitality industry. Educated at EHL, the premier Hospitality Business School in Lausanne, she found a strong bond with diverse classmates.

    Starting her career at the Landmark London Hotel, Naureen swiftly embraced the operational side of hospitality, leading to a significant role at STR. Across 12 years, she progressed from an analyst to a department head, playing a vital part in shaping STR into the renowned brand it is today. Her leadership approach emphasises inclusivity and fostering multicultural team settings.

    Naureen is now focused on achieving gender balance, emphasizing inclusivity in her coaching practice to drive meaningful change.


    Individuals shared their collaboration experiences with Naureen.

    "As a global citizen, she embraces different cultures and understands how to work with colleagues and clients from different parts of the world. " - Tien

    " If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, she is that person." - Jon

    "She is a great leader of people and has helped to develop many team members who have subsequently gone on to become leaders in their own right. "- Tom

    "She promotes inclusivity and collaboration across the organisation, which has enabled her to be successful in the work that she has done." - Natalie

    "Naureen is an inspiring leader how shares her feedback, has a very positive coaching style, and guides her team to develop the best possible skills and growth." - Robert

    "Most importantly, Naureen is a joy to work with as a result of her kindness, positivity, inclusiveness and dedication." - Robin

    "Her eyes were always kept broad and had a strong cultural understanding of different business cultures and how to navigate these situations." - Matthew 

  • Testimonials - Impact of coaching with Naureen

    “My coaching sessions have been a really rewarding experience that helped me progress both professionally and personally. Through specific exercises, listening and asking key questions, Naureen challenged me to make things change and to create my own solutions”– Lucie

    “I took a coaching session with Naureen to discuss my next career steps.. Through discussions and writing down my personal goals, I was able to crystallize what my next steps should be”.– Nicole


    “Naureen created a safe space for me to open up andchallenge myself to think about a subject I prefer to ignore. She helped me make a decision that was correct for me and my career." – Bianca

    “Having Naureen as my career coach was truly a privilege. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel more confident and focused in my career pursuits.”– Tien


    “Working with Naureen as my coach was a transformative experience, contributing significantly to my overall growth. Naureen's engaging and supportive approach fostered an environment where I felt both personally and professionally developed” - Nia


    "Working with Naureen as a coach was atransformative experience that empowered me to embrace my new role with confidence and resilience. Her exceptional ability to listen, understand, and provide practical strategies allowed me to overcome challenges and make a
    positive impact within my team." - Kevin


    " Naureen possesses remarkable communication skills and combines this with strong work experience. Since our first coaching session, there has been great trust, empathy, and understanding of my needs and the potential to accelerate my opportunities. " - Robert