• Group Coaching for Inclusive Leaders

    The group will start in September 2024.


    To find out more details you can sign up for the free group coaching in July.

  • Inclusive Leadership Programs

    To inspire your inclusive leadership journey at every stage of your career

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    New Manager

    This program is tailored for those who have recently stepped into a managerial position, especially in team management. It can be challenging without a manual or easy access to HR or your supervisor for advice. The program aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge to become an effective manager for your team.

    • Definition of a manager
    • Giving feedback constructively
    • Receiving feedback effectively
    • Managing teams and fostering inclusive team culture
    • Scheduling regular one-on-one meetings with your team
    • Get to know your team members and what motivates them
    • Delegating tasks and building trust
    • Maintaining clear communication and offering context
    • Handling difficult conversations and resolving conflicts
    • Conducting productive meetings
    • Establishing connections with your peers
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    Signature Leadership

    As you progress in your career and step into leadership roles, your responsibilities evolve. What brought you here may not necessarily propel you forward. Begin by introspecting, understanding yourself, and cultivating self-awareness, which greatly impacts your leadership style. Once this foundation is set, focus on honing your communication skills.

    • Explore self-discovery and enhance self-awareness.
    • Includes 360-degree feedback.
    • Identify your values and strengths.
    • Develop your professional profile.
    • Expand your network internally and externally.
    • Tailor communication to different stakeholders.
    • Advocate for yourself and communicate your achievements and aspirations.
    • Embrace the role of a facilitator.
    • Diversify your experience through challenging projects and broadening your perspective.
    • Balance work, lifestyle, and well-being.
    • Take charge of making difficult decisions.
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    Inspired Leader

    Embarking on a New Chapter in Your Career Journey
    As you step into this new phase of your career, you're also beginning a fresh adventure. Now, you have the opportunity to inspire the upcoming generation of leaders in your field.

    You hold within you a wealth of knowledge and experience that can light the way for those who are just starting out on their career paths. Embrace this chance to mentor, guide, and uplift others as they navigate through their own journeys. Remember, your journey has not only been about personal growth but also about paving the way for those who will come after you. By sharing your wisdom and insights, you are not only shaping the future of your field but also leaving a lasting legacy that will inspire and empower others. Embrace this new chapter with open arms, for the best is yet to come.

    • Embrace roles as an advocate, champion, sponsor, and mentor.
    • Learn how to shape vision and influence the company culture.
    • Advocate for inclusivity across all organisational levels.
    • Cultivate strong relationships with colleagues.
    • Enhance your public speaking abilities.
    • Cultivate curiosity and master the art of asking impactful questions.
    • Hone your active listening skills.
    • Focus on preventing conflicts through clear communication.
    • Foster a mindset of continuous learning.
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    Inspiring an inclusive culture

    Reach out to Nauren directly to understand what are the needs of your organisation to foster an inclusive culture and she will work together with you to tailor make the right programs.

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